HGH India Dec 2024

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About HGH India

HGH India is India’s well-established bi-annual trade show for home textiles, home décor, home furniture,  houseware & gifts. This trade show connects international and Indian brands and manufacturers with the retailers, importers, distributors, institutional buyers and interior designers in the rapidly growing Indian market. Consistent business results since its inception in 2012 has made HGH India a must attend bi-annual event for everyone with business interest in India’s domestic market for home products. Designed exclusively to connect its exhibitors with their high potential trade b…


Exhibitors at HGH India include leading Indian and international brands, manufacturers, exporters, importers, national distributors of Home Textiles, Home Decor, Home Furniture, Houseware, Gifts and Services related to these categories. Exhibitors can increase their Indian market presence by expanding their retail and distribution network. HGH India is also a platform for leading brands to launch their innovations, new collections, new brands and trade schemes amongst their regular dealers and distributors across India simultaneously as this trade show attracts about…

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Avneet Mann Co-Founder, Wishing Chair

We are here at HGH India for the first time. What we are expecting from this experience is to understand the market here in Mumbai and what is it that the people who are coming to the show are looking for. We are hoping to get an understanding on the kind of offering that we as a brand can offer to them and find alternative channels to retail which are beyond our store and e-commerce.
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Ashish Vij PANO

This is our fifth year with HGH India and I can easily say that we see growth and value in it and that is the reason we come back every six months now that HGH India is a bi-annual show. While it is the best in what it does in bringing the industry together. There will be a certain percentage of exhibitors who want to crack e-commerce or let’s say, enter the GCC region and start business avenues outside of India.
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Kishan Singh Ghughtyal Deputy Director, National Jute Board

Indian Jute industry is one of the oldest industries in the country. It has almost 50,000 companies, 2 lakh workers in the mills sector and 2 lakhs in Jute diversified sector which includes small artisans, entrepreneurs, MSME units across the country. The size of the MSME industry as on date is 18 thousand crores and export is 4 thousand crores per annum. HGH India has sort of symmetry with the jute board
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Mr. S. Sunderesan ISPF

We are very happy to be associated with HGH India and World of Sleep. World of sleep, this time has brought out many new products. The advantages and benefits of a good sleep are explained beautifully at the World of Sleep booth. These new innovations are brought out every year and our retailers are very happy with these new avenues being thrown at this pavilion. We are happy to create awareness around this subject
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Mr. Rajesh Mahajan Managing Director, Maspar

We have been associated with HGH India from the very inception. We have done every show that HGH has done. We find it as a platform to meet new people and it is not the same as meeting them at their stores and offices. HGH India gives us a platform to strengthen our brand equity which is one of the major advantages. - Home Textile
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Ms Elkeschaltin BergHoff

 Hi, I'm very happy to be here at HGH India, to represent our brand BergHoff. BergHoff is a Belgian brand who's been in the market for 30 years now. We are very established in, designing cookware and everything for the kitchen. We are working really hard on concepts like sustainability. and we want to bring a really nice designs for affordable prices into all markets. We are currently represent in over 60 markets.
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Smt. Rachna Shah IAS,Secretary Textiles

It is a great initiative by HGH India, to bring the industry together with brands, manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers. They are supporting artisans as well. We have seen HGH India grow from strength to strength through the last 12 editions and this being the 13th edition it is even bigger. Consumer base in India is growing, not just in metros but smaller cities as well. They are becoming more aware and conscious.
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Smt. Vandana Kumar Additional Secretary, Rajya Sabha Secretariat

It’s my pleasure to be at HGH India this year. Textiles and handicrafts are one of the largest employers. This trade show showcases Indian brand in the best possible manner with our hand-crafted home textiles, furnishings, decorative made-ups, rugs etc. with high value addition. I also had an opportunity to speak to some of the exhibitors who are a regular at HGH India and that is clearly because of the value that the show adds.
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Mr. Khozema Chitalwala Architect, VIP

As a designer, the most important thing is to finish the project not only the hard, hard, hardscape of it, but the soft part of it. Whether it may be residential, commercial and hospitality, I feel that HGH India is one of the best platform on which you can look, source and meet not only the retailers, but you meet manufacturers and the manufacturers too. I should must thank IIID Mumbai chapter and HGH India for collaborating
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Neha Jain Visitor (Owner UDC Homes)

We're a wallpaper brand based out of Delhi. I've been visiting HGH since the past almost 8 years, if I remember. And, I can absolutely see the difference that they're bringing into the home decor industry. It's a great platform for B2B customers and for any upcoming furnishings brand or a home decor brand to showcase their product or to buy new products for their respective stores.
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Sonali Bhandari HEAD - Homeware, PRAXIS RETAIL LTD.

I'm happy to be here at HGH India after a break of two years. And it's exciting to see the way the HGH India has grown and the number of participants and the new products that are available. It's a great place to meet new vendors, and look at the trends and changing products. HGH India is a great place to be to source new product that is really going to cater to those new, evolved Indian consumers.
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Shalini Tandon VP-Brand Management & Sourcing at Nykaa Fashion

HGH for me has been always a very enriching and fascinating experience. You see so many brands come up, you see so many business partners, colleagues. Everyone comes together as an industry. HGH India has been very special because the way they have been understanding the consumer and their journey every year is something which is needed for our market. I specifically came here for Kids home
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Mr. Amit Ruparelia Past Chairman, TEXPROCIL

I have seen all the previous editions of HGH India and the show is just becoming better and better year on year. In terms of its displays and decor and layouts of the booths, it is international level and exceeds our expectations each years.
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