HGH India Dec 2024

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HGH India July 2023
Avneet Mann Co-Founder, Wishing Chair

We are here at HGH India for the first time. What we are expecting from this experience is to understand the market here in Mumbai and what is it that the people who are coming to the show are looking for. We are hoping to get an understanding on the kind of offering that we as a brand can offer to them and find alternative channels to retail which are beyond our store and e-commerce.

Ashish Vij PANO

This is our fifth year with HGH India and I can easily say that we see growth and value in it and that is the reason we come back every six months now that HGH India is a bi-annual show. While it is the best in what it does in bringing the industry together. There will be a certain percentage of exhibitors who want to crack e-commerce or let’s say, enter the GCC region and start business avenues outside of India.

Kishan Singh Ghughtyal Deputy Director, National Jute Board

Indian Jute industry is one of the oldest industries in the country. It has almost 50,000 companies, 2 lakh workers in the mills sector and 2 lakhs in Jute diversified sector which includes small artisans, entrepreneurs, MSME units across the country. The size of the MSME industry as on date is 18 thousand crores and export is 4 thousand crores per annum. HGH India has sort of symmetry with the jute board

Mr. S. Sunderesan ISPF

We are very happy to be associated with HGH India and World of Sleep. World of sleep, this time has brought out many new products. The advantages and benefits of a good sleep are explained beautifully at the World of Sleep booth. These new innovations are brought out every year and our retailers are very happy with these new avenues being thrown at this pavilion. We are happy to create awareness around this subject

Mr. Rajesh Mahajan Managing Director, Maspar

We have been associated with HGH India from the very inception. We have done every show that HGH has done. We find it as a platform to meet new people and it is not the same as meeting them at their stores and offices. HGH India gives us a platform to strengthen our brand equity which is one of the major advantages. - Home Textile

Ms Elkeschaltin BergHoff

 Hi, I'm very happy to be here at HGH India, to represent our brand BergHoff. BergHoff is a Belgian brand who's been in the market for 30 years now. We are very established in, designing cookware and everything for the kitchen. We are working really hard on concepts like sustainability. and we want to bring a really nice designs for affordable prices into all markets. We are currently represent in over 60 markets.

HGH India 2021
Abhishek Jain AGM, Asian Paints

This is our first participation in HGH India. It has been a fantastic experience in terms of footfalls and trade participation received. To provide a complete home solution, Asian Paints has ventured into furnishing fabrics, furniture, decorative lights which are retailed from our Beautiful Homes stores or partner stores. We participated at HGH India intending to make the trade and consumers aware that we are into a variety of home décor categories. This objective was met successfully. At HGH India we have been able to connect with many trade partners and like-minded individuals to explore further business possibilities

Rajiv Merchant President Retail, Indo Count (Boutique Living)

Very pleasant experience where we could see only serious buyers are coming. The venue is great in terms of infrastructure. Buyers have come in good numbers. My retail friends were tired of virtual meetings and were badly missing a physical meeting. So HGH India 2021 became a great platform to meet all of them together and generate good business prospects for mutual benefit.

Rakesh Chahar Director, Sleepwell

Feeling very good to be at HGH India 2021, it is great to meet people after a long span of two years. We showcased a new retail format that is going to be future retail for Sleepwell. HGH India is the right opportunity to showcase the future retail look to the retailers. Many Sleepwell dealers also visited and they were very happy with the feel of our booth. We were able to generate interest amongst them to upgrade their store to this new retail format.

Ajay Kapoor Managing Director, Hitkari

The response for us in the show has been quite overwhelming. There has been a pan India presence of buyers, much better than I had anticipated keeping COVID and other things in mind. It has been amazing and encouraging to be a part of the HGH India show.

Rajarshi Roy Choudhury G.M., Kutchina

Since HGH India 21 had focused on smart cooking we thought it would be a great opportunity to display our products here and we expected a great response. We got real response from dealers, modern trade and OEM buyers. It was an overall good experience for us. Kutchina believes in upgrading technology and feels that Smart cooking in the Indian subcontinent is very essential.

HGH India 2018
Manjari Upadhye CEO Domestic Retail - Welspun

We are happy that people have upped the ante this year, and it is visible in the innovative product ranges in every hall. At Welspun, we too have come with new product lines and concepts to suit the needs of our consumers. There is an evident upswing in the standard of products being displayed this year and therefore, I personally am looking forward to the exciting run of HGH India 2018.

Rajesh Mahajan Chairman- Maspar

We have been with HGH India since its first year, and are thus overjoyed to be part of the show again. The response to our offerings has been great on all three days. Each year, we look forward to meet retailers and consumers from different regions, cities and towns of India every year and in my opinion, this is the perfect platform to achieve the same. I believe that this industry is still evolving and therefore, I am thankful to HGH India for consistently providing us the opportunity to showcase our new concepts and merchandise to strengthen our rapport with visitors on all three days of the trade show.

Rajneesh Bhatia CEO, Trident

As a brand, we are relatively nascent and thus, are honoured to have been part of HGH India for the past four years. We want to learn with each passing year, from these experiences that will help our growth and augment our connection with consumers. It is great to witness all the action of a home products marketplace under one roof. I believe that this is a great platform as it not only helps you evolve as a brand, but also prepares you for the following year. I am looking forward to a great response from our visitors this year too.

Rajnish Arora Managing Director- DCTex

I have observed the improvement in the quality of visitors coming in every year at HGH India. This year too, the response is mind-blowing, in spite of heavy rains. This shows the increasing popularity and value of HGH India and makes us more confident of the fact that we are here to stay and support it in every year. Also, Mr. Arun Roongta and team have done an excellent job, as always in making this a grand success. I would just like to say that I am looking forward to an increase in exhibitors under Home Textiles i.e. in Hall 1 as I see the increase mainly in Halls 2 and 3. Even the visitors’ services being provided are great and I must laud HGH India for the same.

Jayant More Manager, Sales- Cello

This is our third association with HGH India and the response this year has been splendid. I feel that it is a lot more succinct, especially with the division of product categories. This makes navigation through the exhibition for customers with individual preferences a seamless process. We have had a mixed bag of visitors from different regions and spaces such as organised retail, B2B, e-commerce and trade in general. I believe that HGH India has a good brand value which makes the participation here a great opportunity for vendors.

Amitabh Shukla Business Head- Bergner

Footfalls have been fantastic for Bergner this year, a clear sweep from last year. I have witnessed the continuous improvement of HGH India since its inception as we have been a part of it since the first edition. From just three to four booths a few years ago to an entire hall being dedicated to houseware and gifts this year, the evolution is pretty evident. This particular year, in spite of the heavy rainfall, the response we received on day one was great too and thus, I am happy with this long-standing association with HGH India.

Tacettin Korkmaz Owner- Korkmaz

This is our first year at HGH India and I think it is a very good platform to engage with local retailers and other buyers. As a brand that majorly exports kitchen products and cookware, we are aiming for a stronger presence in this ever-growing market and thus, are hoping to achieve this goal via HGH India 2018. So far, it’s going well for us and I am confident of an equally good, if not a better response from visitors tomorrow. Overall, HGH India 2018 has surpassed my expectations.

HGH India 2016
Shreevar Kheruka Managing Director, Borosil, Mumbai

So I think they have made a small change in the format in which they have homeware separately in terms of the kitchen art separate and the textiles in a separate hall and I think that is a value addition because the buyers are little bit different. So it is a value add for us because we get specific customers who are interested for the range of products that we are actually promoting. So I think from that point of view it has been a good move in the right direction. So I think that itself is the innovation. They have been able to attract better quality also of buyers, better quality of the customers in terms of the exhibitors and all of this is making us confident that in the future this will continue improving and increasing the exhibition space to show our ware and it is also a great place to launch new products. All of that helps any company in its brand image to announce to the market. Since, the last four years, we have been participating. We were here from the very year and we have continued growing our booth. In fact in the very first year, it was a much smaller booth, but now as the exhibition has grown, as we have grown, we have invested in larger and larger spaces, so we are happy about that. So a) it is of course located in Mumbai and Mumbai is our home as well and it is a place where we get a lot of the buyers especially in the modern trade formats, they sit out of Mumbai and they are more than happy to come in here to come and have a look in one show to see so many different brands. So therefore, it just makes sense for us to be here. In fact just today we had the buyers of all the leading large format stores visiting our booth. And we can show everything that we have. It is a very unique opportunity where you get a lot of time to show it and also because everybody else is here, it allows us to show how we are different from others. Those are all value additions. As far as other trade shows are concerned, I think there is an opportunity for having a trade show in Mumbai and HGH has taken that spot already. Once they have taken it, it is difficult to have two because that is not tenable. Since they were the first movers, we will support them and they will support us as well. It is about 5 pm now and the booths are a bit empty but in the morning I think there was no time to breathe. It was packed with visitors and that was pretty good for us. So you get a lot of exposure to the right kind of customers.

Kuldeep Wattal Chairman, Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC)

Last three years as I have been seeing has grown many a fold. And has become very very vital and important for the domestic market consumers and the retailers. Because HGH is now one platform for many a crafts, many a textile things which are being made in India, which have been focusing mostly on the exports, have not given any weightage to the domestic market. HGH has been one of the platforms where, who has been instrumental in getting all those big manufacturers together to see what the demands are and to see and show to the people that this product can be also sold in their country itself. See HGH, as I see has already made a niche in the domestic market. They have understood the requirements, they have exhibition parameters of international standards that is what we require. So, but over the years they are also in the learning mode and have adopted to requirements of the world consumers, the world buyers. And they are very selective in putting the companies who have good name and have made niche in their field to bring them on this platform. HGH can play a very vital role. As I see, as I told you over the, I have seen the fair growing year by year, so HGH doing all what is required to make a fair to the international level. No compromise with the quality, this is the mantra of HGH. They don’t compromise with the quality, they don’t compromise with the standards laid for the exhibition, and they are always in the listening mode, whatever the exhibitor wants, whatever the exhibitors require, they always try to follow it up in the subsequent fairs.

HGH India 2015