HGH India July 2024

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How to exhibit at HGH India 2023?
HGH India 2023 offers several options for exhibiting. Details of these options and their prices are provided in the Exhibitor Brochure (In Exhibitors Tab/Menu). Exhibitors are expected to maintain high standards of booth design and present only their innovations and new range as HGH India is a high quality trade show with presence of leading international and Indian brands and attracts high quality, professional trade buyers.

Participation procedure for HGH India 2023 is now completely online for all exhibitors.

For participation in HGH India 2023 you need to complete the Exhibitor Contract Form and accept all the terms and conditions for participation online by clicking on Exhibitor Registration Tab on the home page or from Exhibitors menu and then click on First Time Exhibitor to proceed.

The process of completing this form for First Time Exhibitors is a two-stage process and begins with submitting the online Exhibitor Request Form.

Read the instructions carefully for “First Time Exhibitors” below and proceed with your Exhibitor Registration.

First Time Exhibitor

First time exhibitors need to complete the following two-stage process for their Exhibitor Registration for HGH India 2023.

Stage 1
Exhibitor Request Form
If you are a First Time Exhibitor, please read carefully the following points to complete the Online Exhibitor Registration Process:

  1. If you wish to participate in HGH India 2023, please fill your Exhibitor Request Form with all details like Company Name, Approximate Booth Area required, Booth Type, Address and Contact details, Contact Person, Brands, Products etc.
  2. Click on SUBMIT.
  3. Once you submit your form, you will receive an acknowledgment by e-mail within 24 hours. This confirms that your Exhibitor Request Form has been received.
  4. Further to this, you will receive an E-mail informing whether your Exhibitor Request has been accepted or not. This mail will also inform you how much booth area we can offer you against your requested size.
  5. If your request has been accepted in the above e-mail, you should proceed online to fill the 3 Step Exhibitor Contract Form by clicking on the link for the same in the e-mail.
  6. Your participation will be confirmed only after acceptance of the 3 Step Exhibitor Contract Form by us, along with the Confirmation Advice sent by us. If you do not adhere to terms and conditions mentioned in the Confirmation Advice, your participation will be automatically cancelled.

Stage 2
Exhibitor Contract Form (First Time Exhibitor)

If you are a First Time Exhibitor, please read carefully the following points to complete the Online Exhibitor Registration Process:

  1. Step 1 of your Exhibitor Contract Form has already been pre-filled as per data filled by you in the Exhibitor Request Form.
  2. Booth Area has been allocated as per availability, which may be slightly smaller or bigger than requested by you. This has already been intimated to you in our e-mail.
  3. Please read, verify and fill all the missing details like Product Classification Form, company profile, company logo, brand logo etc. in every field in Step1, Step 2 and Step 3 of the Exhibitor Contract Form.
  4. You can change all details at this stage except Company Name, Booth Area and Booth Type.
  5. After filling in all 3 Steps of your Exhibitor Contract Form, please read & accept the Terms and Conditions relating to participation in HGH India 2023.
  6. Click on PREVIEW & SUBMIT to verify your form and check if all details are correct.
  7. If all details are correct in PREVIEW, click on SUBMIT. For doing any corrections, click on EDIT.
  8. Once you submit your form, you will receive acknowledgment e-mail within 24 hours, confirming that your Exhibitor Contract Form has been received.
  9. Further to this, you will receive an E-mail Confirmation along with PDF copy of your duly filled Exhibitor Contract Form and our Confirmation Advice including commercial details of your participation.
  10. Confirmation Advice is your document based on which you should make the applicable payment.
  11. You should print the Exhibitor Contract Form which should be duly signed by the Authorised Signatory along with Company Seal. It should be sent to us within 10 days along with the required payment by Cheque/DD/RTGS/SWIFT details as per Confirmation Advice.
  12. Your participation will be confirmed only after receipt of your duly signed Exhibitor Contract Form and Payment by us.
  13. If we do not receive your printed form and payment within 10 days of our confirmation email, your Online Registration will be cancelled and the space reserved for you will be released automatically. After this you will have to fill Exhibitor Request Form again and follow the entire process again.
  14. Your booth location confirmed during personal meeting with our sales team or by email, if any, will also be cancelled automatically if you do not complete online registration process as per clauses above, within 10 days of such confirmation from our end.

Important Information for Exhibitors:

  1. If the first 25% payment is not received by us within 10 days of submission of Exhibitor Contract Form, this contract will automatically become invalid and your participation will be cancelled.
  2. Once we receive Exhibitor Contract Form, you will receive PDF copy of your duly filled Exhibitor Contract Form and our Confirmation Advice including commercial details of your participation. Kindly contact us if you do not receive the same.

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